About us

We are a pneumatic specialist company working world wide with many well known pneumatic companies to help solve and engineer solutions for the compressed air process 

We are based in Poland but do consulting all over Europe and also other parts of the world

We at Pneumatic Engineering Poland have worked on many pneumatic problems in the industry and have given the best solution to solve these problems 

We travel Europe and the world training many pneumatic companies in the complete process and theory of compressed air 

We would like to announce a new product innovation being the Tornador cleaning system range of products  

We will soon be distributing a professional industrial grade range of pneumatic tools for the assembly industry  

Our Services

I. Sales and Pneumatic Consulting

II. Producing Pneumatic solutions 

III. Focusing on Energy conservation

IV. Innovations experts / like the invention 

EARS   www.ears-europe.eu 

V. Pneumatic products and tool sales in Poland

VI. Tornador Cleaning system a new innovation into the vehicle cleaning and commercial cleaning   
and can be viewed at 




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Principal Consultant

Over 20 Years' experience in international trade, worldwide pneumatic industry and sales

All design work and CAD drawings available and using the latest CAD software  



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Phone: +48 518 965311

Email: irmina.tomajczyk@pneumaticengineering-pl.com